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June 1 Start - anyone from Time to Shine join me?


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Hello All! Just back from Europe after doing a W30 with the Time to Shine thread, which was such an awesome group of peeps I'm hoping some of you will want to join me for another W30 starting June 1.

And of course anyone else who wants to join as well. :) In Europe I was able to handle bread and even beer because of W30, and general conscious eating I've been doing. I did stay mindful throughout trip (it was four weeks! Big Deal for me) and took a couple-three days a week with no bread/alcohol/sugar. Did eat yogurt quite a bit and surprisingly my gut was ok with it! I've stayed away from yogurt for so long, think that my gut has done some actual healing!! Woohoo! I did bring my Vits with me - esp. the L-glutamine (SO good for the gut) and a travel probiotic that really rocks (don't have to refrigerate). 

Ready to get back onto another W30 reset! Woohoo!

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