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3 victories in 3 day!


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In the last 3 days temptation has been at every turn. On Friday we were invited to a friends house for dinner, I was a little nervous because my friend follows a different eating plan that allows items that I've eliminated. So, I took matters into my own hands and asked if I could bring the meal that I had already planned and cook for them, she loved that idea( 1st victory). We had a lovely time, and my friend felt loved on by me cooking for them! Then on Saturday night my husband wanted to go to dinner, so I looked up whole 30 compliant restaurants and found that one of his favorites is on there(Chilies). I had the fajitas, my waiter was awesome he didn't even blink an eye when I asked for the cook to skip any oil or butter that they normally cook in. I had them take away the sour cream and tortillas but added extra guacamole and pico. I have to tell you it was delicious, and the best part my stomach didn't hurt after dinner like normal( 2 nd victory). I would have to say today was the hardest, my family went to our normal Taco Johns after church for their potato oles. They are my favorite, well let's be honest any potato fried with seasoning is my favorite! But I did not cave, my family ate their oles and I had a small portion of pistachio nuts. Then when I got home I ate my yummy chicken breast with my yummy coleslaw, I have to say it truly was more satisfying and filling then the potato oles(victory #3). I'm so grateful for this program, and all the resources that you have at your fingertips. So far day 5 is going great!

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