Started first while 30 7/5

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So I started yesterday for the first time. 

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and watermelon (I was at my inlaws so morning veggies available)

lunch: hamburgers with guacamole and tomato wrapped in lettuce leaves with grapes.

dinner: grilled sausage with pumpkin applesauce with almonds sprinkled over it.


I know I need more veggies and to follow the template more, but I'm working on it.

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7/6 meals:

pre-wo meal- Rx bar

breakfast- hard boiled eggs and pumpkin apple sauce with almond milk

lunch- left over hamburger with guacamole and tomatoes wrapped in lettuce and melon on the side

dinner- ribs (with homemade compliant BBQ sauce) with green beans

Almost had a few mindless eating slip ups. Drank a lot of tea and water.

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Hi hypothetical, a few of us started on July 5th and decided to make my Start date July 5 into a support and accountability thread.  So far everyone has been helpful and supportive. Just inviting you to add in your progress and thougts too. A little help goes a long Way! 

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