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Relax...... Ahhhhhh, That's better.....

After a few days getting used to what I can/can't eat, I was soooooo relaxed eating W30. It is very freeing not having to worry about calories,grams,weigh in's...... I am on auto pilot, and for the first time in my life I actually have forgotten about food!!! ( the only times I need to think is if I'm working/training a very long day and need to pack a meal or two)

The way I used to eat led me to obsess about each and every meal, and count the hours til my next "cheat" as a reward for starving all week..... All gone now, I'm so satisfied, and RELAXED.... I believe a big part of W30 is that it is so simple and freeing, that psychologically your stress melts away which leads to reduced physical stress on your endocrine system..... Allowing you to feel/ listen/ enjoy your body!!!!

Good luck.... Keep the proper foods stocked up and this will be a breeze :) :) :)

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