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Whole 30 finished in June, Weight loss competition


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I am in a weight loss competition at work.  It's percentage based and is taking place over a period of three months.  With the help of Whole30 and a lot of spin classes (6-8 a week, some are doubles) I was able to win the first weigh in!  It was at the end of June.

I am now 2/3rds through the second month and feeling a little stuck.  Okay, a lot stuck.  I had a big blowout weekend over the fourth (not overeating just had grains and dairy) and regret it.  I am currently doing a modified Whole30 (managed 100% compliant, even with a vacation, through the month of June) plus a daily coke zero and occasional (one or two a day) pieces of sugar free gum.  My weight has been basically stuck at the same place since the end of June.  I am having trouble with motivation and don't think I can win the the second weigh in but might be able to win the whole thing.  So I am trying to keep going.  I think the problem is that I am pretty happy with my weight right now.  I am 6'4 and between 200 and 205 which is right on the bubble for normal/overweight BMI.  I would like to get below 200 and stay there but considering I started around 230 I'm feeling good about where I am and am getting some compliments and people noticing the weight loss.

I've been trying to get more sleep, and with working out before work that means I have been getting in bed between 9:00 and 10:00 which is a major improvement for me.

I kind of just wanted to complain, vent a bit, etc.

Ooh, I bought a new car on 6/19 (a GTI!) and three days later found out I was moving (landlord moving son into my condo) so I'm hoping that stress is one of the major reasons I am stuck.  Been trying to get back to meditating regularly and have managed to do two ten minute sessions in the last three days.  I've also decided where I am moving and am feeling better about that situation but moving in general is far from my favorite thing.

One thing I am still motivated to fix is visceral fat.  I am a 43 year old male with a bit of a belly and want to get it down as much as possible now.  As it seems to get harder and harder to do as I get older.  Maintenance will hopefully be easier than major changes to my body (ultimate goal is long term 15-20% weight reduction, currently down 12%).  My bodyfat is currently 20-22% according to a scale (impedance) and verified by a caliper measurement on my stomach.  Would love to get that down and keep it down.  Once the competition is over I'm hoping to transition to more weight and less cardio as my weight (the actual number) won't matter as much as my appearance and the way I feel.  Right now I'm pretty tired a lot of the time but have some amazing workouts after rest days.

I realize this is all over the place, very busy morning at work and feeling a bit scattered.

Anyway, I guess that is all I wanted to say :)

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