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mcki0133's Whole 30 Log


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I'm starting up another Whole30 Round tomorrow -- and will try to log everything I eat....ha! Wish me luck. I had a great first Whole30 when we were trying to get pregnant. Now, after the baby, I want to get back on track and be as healthy as possible with my little lady!

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So, I thought I only did one round of W30..but looking back at my activity, I guess I tried a second round and wasn't successful...so hopefully this can be considered my successful second round!

Well, it's technically Day 0 for me...but, I figured why not try to be compliant for the rest of the day. My breakfast wasn't a total bust but I did have cheese on my eggs. So, for lunch, it's as follows along with what I think is for dinner:

D0 - M1: (non-compliant) Eggs, shredded potatoes, cheese
D0 - M2: Grilled chicken, frozen veggies - broccoli & cauliflower, olives, and watermelon
D0 - M3: Turkey burger patty, sweet potato,

Here we go!

W30 D0 - M1.jpg

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Ok - here we go! Officially Day 1 -- This is the line up for the day:

D1 - M1: 3 eggs, carrots, olives, and the leftover watermelon from yesterday (or else it will go bad!)
D1 - M2: Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato, olives
D1 - M3:  Organic turkey sausage, broccoli, olives

**I forgot to buy avocado at the store....so, one of my main fat sources is olives. Good thing I enjoy them!

Last time, my success was because I planned and knew what was coming for meals, activities, etc. each day in advance. I'm trying to remember that for this go round!


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Day 2! Ok, I have been battling my daughter's cold since Tuesday...as of today (and technically, last night), I have lost my voice. I can't smell or taste anything....and I feel like crap already, so why not make that an excuse to get through the "hard" days on W30. :)

There was an edit last night for M3, we had grilled chicken with cooked broccoli and cauliflower. Here is today:

D2 - M1: 3 eggs, carrots, olives
D2 - M2: Leftover chicken from yesterday...I don't have much, so I'm also throwing in an organic turkey sausage, frozen veggies, olives and some blueberries (maybe)
D2 - M3: I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!

Oops, did I already forget to plan ahead?!


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