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Acne on face

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Hey everyone, I am on day 8 of the Whole30.  One of the reasons I started the diet was to see if it would help my skin clear up at all.  I don't have terrible acne, but I have a few spots on my face where I regularly get pimples (I'm 25 years old and I get them more now than I did when I was a teenager).  

The first three days on the diet my skin all of a sudden cleared up and was practically glowing.  By day 4 I had noticed that I was getting a couple of pimples on my face in the usual areas - my forehead, cheek, and chin.  And now, by day 8, I'm waking up every morning with a new pimple on my face.  (I'm wondering if it could be caused by the store brand extra virgin olive oil that I've been cooking with the past 8 days.)

I was curious if others had encountered this problem at all, and if so, did the acne eventually go away further along into the diet? 

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