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Today marks day 31 for me. I woke up so nervous! I kept reminding myself that "it's time to take the training wheels off". This kind of discipline is exactly what I needed. I followed every rule to the T. On day 27, I hosted my family for a BBQ, and when I was cleaning dishes, I got ketchup on the back of my hands, and my knee jerk reaction was to lick it off, I did, and immediately realized what I did, and spit it out!

Why did I do Whole30? Well, I was honestly tired of my day to day wine drinking and snacking. I got divorced in 2007, and packed on 60 pounds of depression weight. I have taken it off a couple of times, only for it to return. I was having joint pain, endless allergies, migraines, low self esteem for my image (So I haven't been dating), hangovers from the wine, low energy, poor sleep, bad snacking habits after 8pm everyday, and just felt like crap all the time. I had ENOUGH. I told my sister in law that I wanted to take all of the month of August off of drinking. She immediately suggested I do Whole30, and her reason why is because I was eating pretty close to it anyways. So, I got the Whole30 books, and became a total fan. I swam in a pool full of the endless need for nutrition knowledge. I had so many "ah-ha" moments reading the "It Starts With Food" book. The slap me right in the face, WOW moment came in the chapter about hormones. What struck gold for me was, (and this is my interpretation of what I read)  I could cut all the calories I want on the not so good for you foods, and your body still hoards fat because it's starving for nutrition! AND, it's a vicious cycle I put my body through everyday. The night snacking and wine drinking leads to a spike in my blood sugar, and causes horrible sleep patterns. Then, I don't even want to get up to my alarm in the morning to wake up and start the day off right with a workout. NOPE! Instead..... I hit snooze, and again and again. Pop ibuprofen for the aches, and barely make it to work. Ooops, I forgot my breakfast, So, I'll just eat some cereal with sugared almond milk, and turkey bacon WITH sugar in it. (Yeah, I thought I was being healthy there cause I was using portion control.) SUGAR SPIKE! Hungry again at 10am. For what??? SUGAR! Then by lunch I want to eat tacos, sandwiches, and other carb loading activities. When work is nearing over, I'm so tired. I promise myself to workout after work to make up for not working out in the morning. Time to go home, and look! A text from my friends wanting to go to Happy Hour! (More like Happy THREE Hours....) Yup! Forget working out, I already screwed up today, so I may as well screw up all the way anyways. My body is tired, so I might as well perch up on a stool and partake in Happy HOURS.... I get home, order my kids and myself some Chipolte, and sit on the couch and snack again. I'm so done with that cycle, and have absolutely no desire to go back to it.

So, I put Whole30 into action. I journaled my day to day activity and progress. I set goals outside of health goals for myself. I wanted to get things done that I endlessly put off all the time due to fatigue. The first week was amazing. I got the hang of cooking Whole30 immediately. I normally like cooking Farm to Fork. I don't add too much to my foods when I cook. For example, I would take a boneless skinless turkey breast, put it in the bottom of a Dutch Oven, EVOO, salt, pepper, a whole onion, and layer the top with Brussels sprouts. Sometimes I would cut up an apple for added sweetness and toss it in there. I found great recipes on Pinterest, and put them into action, especially with the breakfasts. I made it a point to workout every morning. I even made it to yoga twice a week, and my runs became stronger. I could feel the shift in my body and how I felt. I wanted more. I felt the way the foods would nourish me, I could feel how sleep repaired me, and how exercise made me feel stronger, happier, and more energetic. I was hooked. I noticed the first week, I was craving sugar. The second and third week, I was craving popcorn. The last week, I wasn't craving anything!

My family, friends, and coworkers complimented me on my skin, said I was glowing, and my own brother told me I looked like I'd lost weight. My eyes and my skin are clear, my aches are gone, headaches gone, and I sleep like a baby. I did not withhold normal day to day activity for myself just because I was doing Whole30. I like to challenge myself to see how I do in situations like work lunches, bake sales (yes, I sold pastries this month!!!), hosted a BBQ, went to work HH and drank a ton of club soda with cucumber and mint, and meals out. NOT ONE SLIP. I was able to get the things I have been putting off done too. One desirable hobby of mine returned in place of the nightly snacking. Instead of a snack in hand, I now have a book in hand. I love reading everyday now.

So, today, at Day 31, I nervously stepped on the scale, and said to myself, "No matter WHAT the outcome, I have been successful, and I am very proud of myself, and the scale is just a NUMBER". I ended up losing weight. And, it was a healthy amount. I lost 12 pounds. I praised myself for ALL of my NSV's, and my scale victory. I put the scale away, and said goodbye to it for another month. It felt good NOT being a slave to that awful thing.  I threw on my workout clothes, and headed for my living room to do my Jillian Michaels DVD (I'm on week 6-7 of Body Revolution). I made my breakfast and lunch, and went to work! (BTW, I have "Farm Fresh to You" deliver me fresh veggies and fruits every Thursday, so I just grab from that pile, and make my meals with it! So easy)

My plan from here is to continue on. I am in the middle reading of the books, "Food Freedom Forever", and "The Power of Habit". I want to educate myself more. I LOVE this way of eating so much that I want to continue it. The only things I will reintroduce, here and there, are items I REALLY WANT. I will NOT plan "cheat days". This feeling I have now is so much more amazing than a sip of wine or bite of cheese. I am so thankful my body is finally getting the hint that it's time to look and feel healthy. I am thankful for the new habits I have created for myself. With this life change, comes other significant changes which I am patient for. Things have a way of gracefully falling into place. Thank you to the Whole30 authors and the forum. I'll be a lifetime member!



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Congratulations! I've been in the same rut you were in for a while, late-night drinking, poor sleep, then can't get out of bed in the morning. I finally tired of it and started my Whole 30 just so that I wouldn't drink for a month. Your story is inspiring, I'm looking forward to completing my journey in 27 days!  

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