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So I have an odd question. I started the whole 30 8 days ago and am doing pretty well. But, I'm getting a "dry" throat a lot when I work. I'm an opera singer and have several performances in the next three weeks. I drink lots of water, at least 3, but normally 4  liters a day, and lots of herbal tea (before, with a bit of honey to avoid my throat getting dry....).  When I sing, it all depends on the room and stress level for how dry my throats gets. Normally I suck on a sugar-free ricola (the normal flavor) but this has aspertame in it, which isn't allowed. Also, after reading the part about sweeteners I don't know if that is a good option anymore. I don't use regular sugar ones because it leave a strange taste in your mouth, and gives you bad breath much faster than the other (and opera is very passionate!!) are there any suggestions....?? Thanks so much!!! 

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