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First Whole 30


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11 September 2017



Learned that our venison came back with sugar in the form of summer sausage from processor; had to remove it from meal planning (BIG BUMMER). Took venison from freezer that is in form of steaks, no processor interference. Will use going forward. E: 4 scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, sweet potato hash and half of sliced avocado, black coffee. H: one egg white fried hard (I HATE EGGS, so trying to choke it down made me gag), sweet potato hash, half of sliced avocado, green tea.


Whole30 Chicken cacciatore - only used 2 tablespoons of cooking fat instead of 4 tablespoons. Took out the peppers since we don't like them. E ate 4 chicken legs and I ate two. They're small in size. H: tea | E: Water

Ground turkey lettuce wraps with shredded carrot, greens, Brussels sprouts, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil H: Tea|E: Water



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Day 2

Breakfast - hard boiled eggs, avocado, peach slices and potato Lunch- Venison on a bed of mixed spring greens with tomato, carrot, etc. and homemade vinaigrette. Dinner- hamburgers with portobello mushroom buns and tomato, lettuce, avocado. Paprika, rose salt and garlic Brussels sprouts. Hubs had a chocolate craving today. I haven't really had any cravings, but I was wide awake last night. Hoping I sleep better tonight. So far, so good!


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Day 3

  • Breakfast
    For me was some leftovers from last night - had a hard time choking them down. I only wanted fruit. E had venison, scrambled eggs, a little potato and apple. He had black coffee and I had jasmine green tea.
  • Lunch - baked sweet potato with ground meat and avocado and green salad with tomato. E had a white potato (he's doesn't like sweet potato so much) with the same- skipped tomato on his salad, he doesn't like those either
  • Dinner - garlic lime chicken stir-fry

Drinking water and herbal tea throughout the day.

Feeling alright and no cravings (though walking through the grocery store and seeing all the bakery items - they did look good). E still having chocolate cravings; today he said it was all day long.

On the TMI front, I haven't gone #2 in three days :blink:


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Day 4

They say that days 4-5 you may be in a bad mood. Yes. Today I had a short temper and I woke up with a headache. It went away and then came back. I'm drinking hot tea and plenty of water. I didn't drink sugar or eat a lot of sugar before, so wondering if it is just a coincidence.

Breakfast: turkey sausage, strawberries and hard boiled eggs Lunch: turkey sausage and venison with sweet potato (white potato for hubs), spring mix salad and peaches Dinner: Walnut crusted pork loin with snap peas and grapes (not pictured).

I'm feeling frustrated that it seems nothing I have on hand is compliant. Not even my super expensive balsamic and my garlic and onion powder. Amazing what is in our food. And still no #2!! 


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