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Reintroduction while already sick


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Hello all,

Today is Day 31. I'm feeling so great after completing my Whole30, except that I'm experiencing a pretty bad chest cold. I have a terrible cough, my ears are plugged, and my nose is starting to get stuffy. It started on Day 29, so it's completely unrelated to food reintroductions. I planned my Whole30 perfectly so that my fast-track reintroduction put me exactly where I needed to be for my birthday next Friday, but I want to make sure that I can tell if I'm having symptoms that are unrelated to this sickness.

1. Should I hold off? Or can I start with the "easy" things like legumes and see how those go?

2. Can I reintroduce honey without taking one full day to reintroduce sugar? Can I introduce some honey in my tea on the same day as legumes?

3. Any Whole30 compliant remedies people can think of would be greatly appreciated. I'm gargling salt water, drinking throat coat and echinacea teas, and getting lots of sleep and fluids. 

Thank you!

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