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Reintroduction to legumes-could they really effect me that much?


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So recently I completed my first Whole30! I did it to get rid of my eczema and while it reduced it, it has not completely cleared up leading me to think it could be environmental. I am amazed by the results because before I was quite a depressed person and now I have so much energy and actually get stuff done. I only had one slip up where I tried a few grains of rice to see if they were fully cooked because I wasn't thinking, and decided not to restart because I would have only swallowed maybe one grain. On the first day i finished, I treated myself to a pack of salt and vinigar crisps, some chips, a very small hot chocolate made with milk and also a spoonful of honey. None of these things make me feel bad which I think would suggest that I don't have a bad reaction to sugar.

I reintroduced legumes into my diet yesterday and it got weird! Here is a list of what I ate before I tell you why:


Around 6am: Turkey with peas and a side of hummus and cucumber with a glass of unsweetened soy milk.

Around 9am: Vanilla soy latte.

Around 9:30am: Vanilla chia seed pudding (no legumes but had sugar)

Around 10:30am: Finished other half of chia seed pudding.

Around 12pm: Minced meat with passata and kidney beans.

Around 4pm: An apple and banana fruit bar.

Around 5pm: Small McDonalds fries with a large Coke.

Around 7:30pm: I started drinking Malibu and Coke and had another small McDonalds fries.

At this point, I think it is important to say that my period was coming to an end on this day and that can sometimes cause a small emotional effect on me but never that dramatically.


After eating my breakfast and having my latte, I had a bit of a stomach ache immediately after having them but this soon passed. I went to the gym after half my chia seed pudding (this was the first time I'd ever been to a gym so that could have effected it) and developed a headache halfway through the workout. I had been making sure not to work out too hard so I could really identify what the cause was but I am still unsure. It's after my minced meat and kidney bean lunch that things started to get odd. Since I am a college student, I went into my one O'Clock lesson and it hit me. Brain fog. I used to get it a lot before I started the diet but this was so intense. I couldn't even focus on one spot, I was falling asleep. The teacher was talking but I couldn't for the life of me work out what she was saying. When the lesson ended, I grabbed a double espresso, thinking maybe I was just tired. In my last lesson of the day at 2:40, the espresso hit me and I had no less brain fog. Everything felt almost 2D and out of focus. I was now buzzing on my caffeine high while also being very confused about what was happening. I could not focus on the words on the board. This is when the teacher gave out a worksheet. My immediate reaction? I started to cry because there were too many words on the page...I have no clue either! It just seemed too much! After about half an hour after the lesson and a cigarette later, I was feeling a lot better. The McDonalds had given me a small stomach ache but I was half expecting that, and it being the next day after drinking and I can say I feel mostly fine, but still a little zoned out. I am currently sat drinking a flavoured water (yes it has sugar in it, but very low amounts. I know I am not meant to have it on the rest days in between but I feel as if my sugar dragon is under control and I just want some flavour!) and finding it a little hard to focus on the screen.

My question is, can legumes really affect me this much?! I wasn't expecting such a dramatic mood change, let alone crying in a lesson! Has something similar happened to anyone else? I have decided to completely cut legumes out my diet in the future, but I may retest them at some point to really make sure they are the cause. Would this be a good idea?

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I'm definitely a newbie at this, and this is the first time I haven't fallen off the wagon on day 10 or 11 ish... But I'm confused on your timing?  It sounds like this was about day 32?  And on day 31 you had a few off things also?  Or is there some time in between that you didn't mention where you tried some other food groups?  I feel like on your list there was a lot more than just legumes that could have been assisting in the weirdness...  AND I'd say the period is always a factor for me.  Maybe slow down on the reintro and do one thing at a time?  

I'd probably do a week back on strict whole30 first and then get back to 1 thing at a time with some time in between.  Next time you do legumes make sure it's over a weekend or something just to be safe. 

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Of the legumes, the worst for me is kidney beans and soy. I can have black beans and Great Northern beans with no problem. What helped me with reintroducing foods was checking out the Right 4 Your Type diet. Reintroducing foods on that list that are beneficial or neutral for my blood type really helped reduce the brain fog during the transition.

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