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So glad this is Day 1


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After the August/September Whole50 I did, I never wanted to go back. But, then I got pregnant and started having 24/7 nausea that just never quit. I tried everything imaginable before changing my diet, but eventually I just started eating corn, sugar, soy, even wheat (and then stopped because it made me sick) - all kinds of totally not paleo junk. I feel like crap and I've been waiting for the opportunity to feel well enough to really get back on board.

So, yay, after moving back towards paleo eating all week, I feel confident enough to call this Day 1 of a Whole30. I'm still dealing with nausea, but daily acupuncture seems to be letting me eat healthy again. I'll take it and run.

Sorry, Taco Bell. I know we had a pretty good love affair going on there for a minute, but I'm dumping you.

I'm going to go eat a salad now. May be weird, but I'm actually very excited that I decided I was going to eat a salad right now. Hooray for Day 1!

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