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Conference in San Antonio


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Two words: PLAN AHEAD.

Call ahead to the hotel to speak directly to someone about the ingredients on the buffet, you may be able to negotiate a special Whole30 meal every day. Otherwise, assume nothing they're serving but plain salad greens and raw veggies will be compliant. Now's the time to pack your own salad dressing in your purse and stock up on compliant Epic bars, RXbars, packets of tuna, olives, baby carrots.

The tips in this article should prove invaluable: https://whole30.com/2015/03/business-travel/

Also: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-dining.pdf

It won't be easy, but it has been done before and you can do it!

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There's a couple of restaurants near the riverwalk that are paleo friendly and source locally. They will probably be your best bet for finding something compliant, or easily making minor adjustments to make something complaint. 5 Points Local is awesome. Pharm Table is all vegetarian (or maybe vegan?)  and does a lot of take out. It's just for lunch. It might be a good way to get the veggie portion of your meal, but bring along some protein. And Feast doesn't necessarily have paleo stuff on the menu, but it's a seasonal restaurant and they are usually more than willing to make accommodations.


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