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Day 17: irregular & gassy!


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Today is my day 17. At the beginning of my Whole30, I felt fairly immediately less bloated with a flatter stomach and had more energy. I was so excited because I felt like it was a good omen for the weeks to come. Flash to today, over halfway through, and I'm feeling okay. No "tiger blood" yet. My energy has leveled off, but it's not as high as it was at the beginning. My stomach is not as flat and I feel a bit more bloated. However, one of the issues I've noticed lately is my irregular bowel movements and terrible gas. Before Whole30, I was VERY regular (right after my morning coffee!) and my BMs were of normal shape and color. Now, they are sporadic, looser, stinkier(!), and a much lighter color. Should I be concerned? One of my theories is that my stomach is getting used to eating more meat, especially red meat. Prior to Whole30, I did not eat much meat and when I did, it was poultry or fish. The other night, I had a rib-eye steak and had some of the worst and stinkiest gas I've had in years. 

My diet before Whole30 was not necessarily bad, but I definitely overdid it on dairy, alcohol, and snacky grains like granola and cereal. 

Anyway, because I know someone will ask, here's a typical day of meals (this was yesterday):

Meal 1: two eggs, one egg white, scrambled in olive oil with kale, garlic, & tomatoes. Two pieces of bacon. Coffee with coconut milk. 
Meal 2: one chicken breast, sauteed in olive oil, zucchini noodles and sweet potato curry (sweet potatoes, ginger, garlic, coconut milk), half an avocado (meant for it to be the whole thing, but it was super rotten when I opened it up!), one apple, one hard-boiled egg
Snack: Rx bar, handful of olives and gherkins (the Rx bar is NOT a daily thing, FYI. Just grabbed one on the way to yoga yesterday because my stomach was growling and it was the most convenient thing). 
Meal 3: Sauteed salmon over green beans, roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes, shallot, nicoise olives, Peruvian peppers, and hard-boiled egg
I do drink a lot of water throughout the day--always have been a decent water drinker. I drink about 3-21 oz bottles + a couple of La Croixs per day. 

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