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2nd whole 30


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Hi, This is Michelle.. I am starting my second whole 30 the first one I did in July.. Then I waited two months to see how it was going with food to see if I needed to work on some things..

Well I know now I cant eat wheat or corn.. But I feel like there is another culprit in the mix just have not pin pointed it as of yet.. But I hope to do so on this round.. I have no problems following the program.  I only took out wheat and corn. I didn't really add sugar back in.  Figured I was doing good without it and didn't need it..  I lost 3" around my waist first time hoping in this round I will be able to loose even more inches..  I'm glad I found this program it is the only one that has worked for me so far so good... Believe me I have done just about every diet out there over the years.  I would loose a little but it always come back but the first time I used whole30  was in July and it is now October and I haven't gained any back.. I am just at a standing point where I havent lost any more.. 

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