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I was buying some coconut oil yesterday and found two brands. They were both Organic. One said it was expeller ( I spelled that wrong) pressed and one said cold pressed. They both said extra virgin. The cold press was $4 more than the other. Which is the best to use and why.

Also, when I first started Whole 30 I bought several bottles of different oils. Macadamia oil, Avocado Oil, and Sesame Oil. Should all or any of these used like light olive oil or coconut oil. Such as sauteing or frying or making Mayo?

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From the web: What is Expeller Pressing?

Expeller pressing is a chemical-free mechanical process that extracts oil from seeds and nuts. This method of oil extraction is an alternative to the hexane-extraction method used for many conventional oils. The temperature reached during pressing depends on the hardness of the nut or seed. The harder the nut or seed, the more pressure required to extract the oil, which in turn creates more friction and higher heat. There is no external heat applied during the expeller pressing

Why Cold Press? Delicate oils, or those in which flavor nuances are a key component, need to be treated with greater care in controlling processing factors. Oils that are cold pressed are expeller pressed in a heat-controlled environment to keep temperatures below 120 degrees F.

Cold pressed oils are generally healthier, although the standards for using the words "cold-pressed" here in the U.S. aren't as rigorous as in Europe. However, coconut oil (mostly saturated fat) is such a stable form of fat that expeller pressed shouldn't present any issues. The choice is really yours.

As for your other oils, macadamia and avocado are probably okay for cooking for brief periods of time under low heat (not sesame - too fragile). I'd generally recommend using all three of those cold, in dressings or sauces.



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