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Fueling for the big event: Childbirth!


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I'm expecting #2 at the end of July. 10 weeks to go as of yesterday.

I had a C-section with my first b/c he was big and in a poor position after 34+ hours of labor.

This birth, I am planning on having a VBAC!

Nutrition is a huge part of having a healthy pregnancy and easy, natural birth so I will be tracking my nutrition here.....

I'm focusing on eating Whole 30 foods, plenty of protein and fresh veggies, and zero empty calories that do not fuel me or my baby.

I've gained 27 pounds so far this pregnancy and am trying to not gain too many more even though I realize that baby is gaining most of her weight right now so a few more pounds are inevitable.....I had gotten off track with some emotional/"I'm pregnant so I can eat this icecream, cookie, etc" thinking so I'm focusing for the finish.

Treating this birth as an event I am in training for......hoping to stay accountable!

Day 1 of 70 (till my "guess date")



3 eggs, spinach, red onion, and ham scramble\


Leftover chicken split breast

sweet potato 1/2

braised kale


leftover potroast w/ carrots and onions

"clean out the produce drawer" salad




La Croix sparkling water


30 minute walk pushing 35lb stroller

maybe prenatal yoga tonight after little guy's bedtime if I'm feeling up to it and I can walk away from the downton abbey I'm watching on netflix!

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65 days to go till my "guess date!"

Yesterday I will admit I did some stress eating of non "what's best for me and baby" foods.

BUT, today is a new day and I'm moving on b/c I feel like crap from the sugar!

Just had a breakfast of eggs w/ spinach and strawberries.....

Going to the Chiro today to work on some sciatic nerve pain so looking forward to that......then lunch with some girlfriends and all of our kids. Luckily I know exactly what I will order, it's Whole 30 approved and delicious!

I have a bunch of veggies in my fridge I need to come up with a plan for to cook and eat today and over the weekend. My husband is out of town and it's hard to shop for one adult and one toddler!

Yellow squash and collard greens grown by a friend.....I also have cauliflower which I'm going to look in Well Fed for a recipe for.

My garden is growing...harvested my first squash yesterday and tomatoes and cucumbers should be ready in about a week. I love summer!

Did I mention that we went blueberry picking and I have a GALLON of blueberries in my fridge! Need freeze some of them.

I'm rambling, time to go get the little boy (G) ready to go to my appt.

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Maybe you'll get really lucky, and have what happened to my friend. Her first baby took TWO DAYS to come out. She was seriously in labor at the hospital for 46 freaking hours. Baby number two - she thought she was having false labor again, her mom talked her into getting it checked out, and a 1/2 hour after getting there, her son was born. Here's hoping you get so lucky! :)

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