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Jeanye Mercer

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Hi, Ladies,

Just wanted to jump on tonight and share the beautiful quote that has been feeding me emotionally for the past couple of days! I hope you enjoy it, too.

"fall in love with your own body and awaken to its divine processes. Let it help you become the physical embodiment of your soul so that you discover the woman you were always meant to be. Let it help you find the best possible solutions for your individual situations. But above all, let it fill you with the courage necessary to make radical and life-giving changes in your mind and body that will allow you to flourish on all levels. And remember, the most fundamental and radical of these changes is learning how to love and accept your precious body right now. It is, after all, the temple that houses your soul." Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom.

Flourish on!

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Lovely. I think, as women, it's easy to get lost in the physical things we see that we are unhappy with or want to change and forget to honor the beauty and strength of our bodies no matter what they look like on the outside.

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