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Starting Nov. 9


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Hey everyone, I'm Ceci.  I've been prepping since Sunday, and I feel confident that I can officially start tomorrow (November 9).  Looking to get (and give) some support as I do my first Whole30.

I started a new job a year ago which has way more sitting than my last job.  As you may imagine, this has not been good for my health.  I used to cook all the time, but I have fallen into the habit of eating take-out extremely quickly in front of a computer screen.  My joints are in almost constant pain.  I also have bipolar depression, and that got really bad this past summer.  In addition to seeing doctors (medicine = awesome), I want to get back into eating a more healthy diet to see if that helps. I heard about Whole30, and I think it will really help me realign my relationship with food.  

One big issue that I know I am going to have to deal with is that I work really long hours.  Any advice for keeping a regular meal schedule and making meals quickly would really help.

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