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I travel a lot for work. I have only in November and December visited Switzerland, France, Russia, Denmark (twice), and I will also be going to India. Apart from having travelled a lot here in Sweden. In December, I will, for example, be spending more nights at hotels than at home.

But it seems to work fine. The key is to plan ahead. I always send an e-mail before to hotels and restaurants, I ask for special food when flying, and I make sure I have my dietary restrictions written down in the language of the county I am visiting, if I do not speak the language myself.

I also, always, pack a lot of foods. Dried venison, organic cashews, raw bars, etc. Especially this time of year, since you never know if you get stucked somewhere in the snow. This week I had to spend one night at an airport, due to a snowstorm. I always carry food for emergency with me.

And then, of course, I work out wherever I am. I have a foldable yogamat and workout clothes in my cabin luggage, and I try to make sure I stay at hotels that have a gym.

I am surprised myself how easy it is to travel a lot and still stick to the main principles.

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