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60 Days in the hole! **** 90!!!****


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Thanks to all of you for the kind words!!! I find the longer I live this way, the less I feel like eating even " good crap". Actually I have tightened my diet up even more eating only grass fed beef,pastured chickens and eggs,wild caught fish.... But much more fish .... I've really kept the fruit to a minimum ..... And have a ton of several different veg with each meal, at least 6-8 cups a day.

My biggest dragon is still nut butters with their high omega-6 ratios.... I find that I really get the most out of my intense workouts when I have a couple of spoons pre workout with some eggs/ chicken..... ( plus I love it ) I haven't had any inflammation so my overall totals must be good.... Going for a physical next month and I'm very curious to see my blood work compared to a year ago before I started Paleo lifestyle. If my numbers are off I will say bye bye to nuts and see what happens....

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