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Started 11/18/17


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I have been trying to start for months. I recently got better preparation in place (Costco shopping, Spiralizer, Instapot, dehydrator, reorganized kitchen). When I found out that we aren't going to a big family meal for Thanksgiving, we decided to go for it.

For religious/cultural reasons, my wife doesn't eat meat. She does eat eggs. In solidarity with her, I'm trying to do as much of my Whole30 with eggs and fish as possible. To add to our challenges, I'm not exactly a whiz in the kitchen.

We're doing well so far - crabcakes, smoked salmon, homemade mayo/dressings, poached and boiled eggs. Since my wife is a doctor and we have two small kids, scheduling can get pretty tough. We are using a few shortcuts right now (diluted juice, Rx bars, Larabars, snacking on nuts), but I'm hoping to minimize/phase that out as we get our feet wet.

Any tips, recipes and support are much appreciated!

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