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Reintroduction on a short schedule

Anne Stuck

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I'm on day 26 of my 2nd Whole 30 and it's going really well.  I have a resort vacation with all inclusive restaurant meals coming up 3 days after day 30 (so I didn't plan for a long enough reintroduction phase).  Should I cut the 30 days shorter and start reintroduction now?

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This question feels like a hot sweet potato that no one wants to touch!  Assuming it is not a troll question, my thoughts...

  • There is a reason it's called Whole 30 and not Whole 26.
  • There is only one person that the poster is accountable to; themselves.
  • Anything shorter than the full 30 days is not a loss.  Nobody gets cut from the team, nobody misses a trophy, nobody gets shamed for ending early.
  • Each day of a W30 counts as something learned about ones own food relationships.
  • If only one re-intro item can be tested before the vaca gorgefest, so be it, that's an opportunity to learn one more piece of the puzzle.
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