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New to Whole30 with my first baby on board!


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I couldn't be more excited to get started on the Whole30 challenge. I am 12 weeks pregnant and really counting on what the doctors say to be true about nausea going away soon! I got the Whole30 book right when I found out I was pregnant and then two days later I got hit with terrible nausea and food aversion. I survived on what I could stomach but am so excited to get back on track. Sugar, dairy, bread... you name it I want to eat it all the time. Thats got to change... While I have the time before my husband and I's first kid takes over I figured it would be best to change some habits. 

My husband is a fantastic support system and he couldn't be more excited for our family to have a food make over. I can't wait to learn from all of you and to start this journey! Lets break some bad habits :) 

My only challenge yet is to decide on a start date. I want to dive in but also be realistic about the season we are all currently in. I figured I could update my first post with my start date when I decide on one by this weekend! 

Thanks in advance for the great support and I hope to return the favor! 


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Welcome Megan!  Quick back story, I did my whole 30 in June and experienced: lost 40 lbs without increasing exercise or limiting portion sizes; lowered my blood pressure whilst getting off of medication for it; went from pre-diabetic to totally normal blood sugar; cut triglycerides to 33% (now well within normal); my severely arthritic ankle improved from not even being able to jog on it due to the inflammation and pain to no issue at all.

I eat whole 30 about 95% of the time.  It takes some effort - there is sugar and soy and dairy in more foods than you ever imagined, and eliminating that takes work - but I love how I eat, I enjoy the cooking, and I can support the claims from the Whole 30 founders: it changed my life...

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