Starting December 30, 2017


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Hi, I'm Karen and my DH and I are starting our first Whole30 on December 30th. We were going to start January 1st, when we traditionally avoid alcohol for the month, but I am going on a 4 day cruise January 29th with a friend, so DH suggested we start early. We are both in pretty good shape, but I have some chronic medical issues that I'm hoping the program will help with.

We have a couple of challenges during our month that I would love some advice on. Right around Day 4, we will be taking a 2-day drive back home after the holidays. We'll be going through some really remote areas with not many dining options. So I need ideas for breakfasts and lunches that will survive 2 days in a car. Right now, all I can think of is boiled eggs, some fruit and carrots for breakfast. I know the Subway deli meat is not compliant. How about the rotisserie chicken from Subway?

Also, is it even possible to cook without a blender, food processor or slow cooker for a week or so until I get home? I was hoping to make my own mayo, but don't have the proper tools to do it.

I have a ton of other questions, but will search the forum for answers so I don't take up too much of anyone's time.

Thanks for reading this.

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Can you take a cooler? Literally anything is going to survive two days in a car if you keep it cold. Cooked chicken, meatballs, hamburger patties, steamed vegetables, homemade mayo, egg salad, chicken salad, salmon cakes, guacamole, olives etc. All can be eaten cold.

As far as "possible to cook w/out a blender, food processor and slow cooker" are fairly new appliances for convenience. Think back to how your gramma cooked. Chances are she used the oven and a frying pan. Honestly, I don't think I pull out my blender or food processor once a month, never mind once a week! If you have a whisk and a bowl, you can make mayo and get a forearm workout! Switch off with your husband and you guys can both do it. I did it once. Didn't love the experience but it can totally be done.

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Thanks, ladyshanny, I think I was  getting a bit of the pre-30 jitters. I just bought an emulsion blender to make my own mayo and will start prepping tomorrow so I'll be all set for the 30th. And a friend of ours gave me a cast iron skillet that he bought on Christmas Eve "just in case someone needs one." He overheard me asking my DIL how to season one and pulled it out of his truck and literally gave it to me!

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