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HELP, dextrose in shredded potatoes


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So, I'm a whole30 newb who's treated the whole30 book like the bible these past few weeks and am making sure to comply to every rule wholeheartedly. A friend recommended Trader Joes shredded potatoes, saying they were compliant and really good. I bought them. Today I had a long work day and wanted something quick and tasty. I went for those Trader Joes shredded hashbrown potatoes, not thinking to look at the ingredient list because my friend had already confirmed their compliance. I walked back into the kitchen after eating and thought to check the label - sure enough, potatoes and DEXTROSE are the only listed. I consumed about a cup of the potatoes, but have no idea how much dextrose would be in them. 

I know the right answer is to start over, and I just may. But I'm curious as to how likely this is to throw me off course. Please give me some good news! 

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On 1/10/2018 at 10:11 PM, bf855 said:

I know the right answer is to start over, and I just may

Hi there,

I feel your frustration here, especially after a long day, and you were obviously trying to do the right thing. I can't tell you what do to here, but if you haven't read this already, take a few minutes to do so: https://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/

If it makes you feel mentally better, don't "start over", keep going and just add the days on at the end. Starting back at Day 1 can often feel like a "failure", when really this is not a failure, just a learning moment. You are now aware of how important reading every label is for your own, even if your best friend recommends something. 

I hope this helps.

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