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  1. @LMF11, I think everything @ladyshanny says is correct, but I also want to add a thumbs up for your planning ahead. I think you should be proud of yourself for practicing these skills before your work trip. Since this was nothing you did wrong, I would keep it going until you are feeling great again for doing reintro. This probably won't take another 30 days.
  2. @ronaldbellantone, I imagine it can be tough to see all the positives of this experience when you're not seeing what you want. However, my motto is "be kind", and remember that every body changes differently, and in different times. I know lots of people talk about find this magical great sleep, but I've never found it either in any of my 2 previous W30s. My skin never clears up either. BUT, over time I have learned a lot of other things about my relationship with food, and I hope you can take some time to reflect on all of those things.
  3. Wanted to share a recipe that might just save the next 2 weeks in this house, the Egg Foo Young(ish) from Nom Nom Paleo. I used to cook all of her recipes in the US, but I don't have access to Red Boat fish sauce or coconut aminos, but this one requires nothing, AND doesn't require turning on the oven, just stove top. https://nomnompaleo.com/post/5568966009/egg-foo-young-ish-spinach-egg-ham-coconut We opted to switch out the ham for shredded beef and it was amazing!
  4. @KPHS grad I like to make my own by buying the no flavor added ones, and then adding 1 entire squeezed lime, or a splash of real, compliant fruit juice. Grapefruit is my favorite.
  5. Thanks All! Made it through a slump, and feeling great that we're 1/2 way there, but also missing my American kitchen. Luckily, I do have a crock pot and my trusty stick blender, so I'm not lacking homemade mayo, which is what gets me through this.
  6. @Hopingandtrying so glad to hear that you're starting to feel some of the NSVs! I definitely hit a wall last night/this morning. I've stuck to it, but I'm getting pretty grumpy about being bored with my meals. When I live in the US I had access to all of the "special" ingredients like tahini and coconut aminos, which really allowed for diversity. Now, we live in Mexico, which is amazing, but I'm more limited when it comes to spicing things up with Whole30. Plus, we have a tiny kitchen, and an even smaller over. I know I'm just venting here, but I need some ideas before I have to eat one
  7. Just a quick check in to see how everyone is doing! Has anyone found any great new recipes, tricks, kitchen hacks? I think of the best NSVs of any whole 30 is learning new things in the kitchen, and finding new recipes that you love. I've recently rediscovered my love for fresh oregano in everything.
  8. @Meliena, oy this is a tough one! You're right that you do need to find a way to sneak in some more food during that shift. First question, what do you plan on eating this week around 4? Also, what types of things are you allowed to eat at the front desk? I know in the spirit of W30 we're supposed to keep "snacks" to a minimum, but I consider this a completely different case. A few thoughts: 1. If you are allowed small snacks in the front, hard boiled eggs, shredded chicken with mayo, carrots and guac, or meat sticks are all easy, and can be eaten in just a few minutes. Just make sure in
  9. @Hopingandtrying I'm so glad to hear that things are going pretty well so far! The only comment I have here is that you may be missing some fat in your breakfast. You have delicious sounding dressings and sauces for lunch and dinner, so just make sure to do the same with breakfast. It can be as simple as drizzling olive oil over your veggies, or adding a scoop of homemade mayo. It's the fat that really helps us feel satisfied. In terms of weight, please continue to stay off the scale, and remember that this is an entire 30 days, so your body is going to go through many different changes. I kno
  10. Hi All, Happy Day 6! It looks like everyone is going great, keep it up. Just walked in the door after 36 hours of a mini-vacation, and I am proud to say that I made it through successfully. Restaurants were happy to swap out the cheese for avocados in my eggs, and I was able to get a delicious steak last night for dinner. I also discovered the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink, because let's be honest, sometimes plain water gets boring. Rusa: glass with ice, lots of fresh squeezed lime, plain seltzer, and a salted rim. Try it!
  11. @Tanya Strun Yes, this is so real on W30, especially if you are used to sweets every night. I would suggest them throwing them away, otherwise it's going to be too tempting. There will be some tough times during this process, and the best thing to do is set yourself up in an environment that will push your towards your goals. Just a thought. I'm not having a sugar hangover, but I'm definitely still needing the tweak the size of my meals, or maybe even what I am eating. I experiences a lot of in between meal hunger yesterday. My husband and I are taking a weekend trip, which I am conf
  12. How's everyone doing? Any 2nd day questions, bumps, successes?
  13. Just want to chime in and say way to go for ending Day 1! I know I ate some satisfying food today, did you? I'm also being reminded that W30 can often mean less sodium because we're cutting out all of the pre-packaged foods, so make sure to drink all the water.
  14. Hi All, I'm also starting tomorrow (october 1st). I have completed 2 W30s in the past few years, and have felt like I need to return to it again. I've tried doing smaller resets, but I think my body really needs the full 30 days this time around. Some of my IBS issues have really gotten out of control to the point that almost every food has become a problem. October should be a good time for me, no big family gatherings, just me and my husband and life. Of course I will have to navigate some social outings, but all things I know I can tackle. Also, we now live in Mexico City, which
  15. I would suggest buying one of those reusable k cups so that you really can use any coffee you want. The problem with already done k cups in my opinion is that none of them use the best coffee. Where do you live? My favorite coffees are always local. We have one local roaster here in DC, Compass Coffee who I absolutely love. If you are able to grind your own beans, I suggest trying them out, you can purchase from here: https://shop.compasscoffee.com/