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  1. ElizabethG

    hospital food

    I work in a hospital, so completely understand the lack of W30 options, but a few suggestions if you are willing to ask a few questions. - There may not be a fridge in the room, but find a nice nurse and ask if there is any way you can use there's temporarily for a few items. - The cafeteria should have a microwave you can use, you just may need to ask. - Cafeteria's are also catering to specific nutritional needs for patients, so they may be able to make you something special the same way they do for patients who are on strict restrictions; like plain eggs. - Are you able to order food in from the outside? If so, it may be worth a quick google search and a phone call or two to see what's around.
  2. ElizabethG

    Round 2, but on college meal plan...

    Hi @Lavendar.lovely, while a W30 is challenging, it's not meant to make you miserable, and in my opinion, with the options you have available you are putting yourself in a very tough situation. Adjusting to life in college can be rough, especially when it comes to food. I would suggest saving a real W30 for summer when you aren't dependent on the meal plan and therefore will set yourself up for a successful experience. In the meantime, why not set some mini-challenges for yourself so you at least feel that you are doing something that makes you feel better. Like Shannon suggests, start sticking as close to the template as possible. Really think about your day and determine where you can easily make significant changes. I'm not sure what your campus and college life is like, but thinking back on my own experience not too long ago, here's what I could have done differently: 1. Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what are you putting in it every day? Can you go to black coffee? 2. What's your snacking life like? I was a terrible snacker in college, especially in social situations, maybe you can make some changes here. 3. Alcohol, it's a part of college, but could also be not making you feel great. Maybe think of this semester as a Food Freedom challenge instead of a W30. Take what you learned from your first one and apply it to the life you have now. And then do me a favor and take a breath. College is challenging, and your focus should be on academics, and taking in every experience possible. Eating healthy for you is important, but don't fall into a trap of making food choices 100% of your day. That's not what this is all about anyways.
  3. ElizabethG

    Mustard vs Mustard Seeds

    Yes, plain mustard seeds are just fine. They are what makes mustard by grinding them up and usually adding some kind of vinegar.
  4. HI @espolcyn. Would you be able to respond with details of what you've been eating the last few days?
  5. ElizabethG

    Cottage Cheese Substitute in Egg Bites

    I would suggest trying pureed butternut squash, or another kind of pumpkin.
  6. ElizabethG

    9 days in and frustrated

    HI @Slgvt, would you be able to share with us what you've been eating the last few days? This could all just be normal body adjustments, but there also may be something specifically triggering what you are feeling. Remember, your body is always changing, so you can't expect it to react to a W30 the same way the second time around.
  7. ElizabethG

    Alamo Drafthouse experience?

    Hi @Staggolee41, this is a tougher menu to figure out, but I do think your best bet is the steak salad. Instead of asking how it's already made, call ahead and ask if they will allow you to place your order ahead of time, and order the steak salad with the steak cooked with just salt and pepper, and remove the cheese from the salad. To make things better, I would suggest bringing your own delicious salad dressing from home, which in my opinion is what makes or breaks a salad anyways. Remember, meals dont need to be complicated. I salt and peppered steak with a very simply mixed green salad with dressing/mayo works! Even if you just ask for the lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. I've actually found that many restaurants are willing willing to make extra special requests happen as long as you give them a few days notice of exactly what you want.
  8. ElizabethG

    Day 2- the hangover

    Hi @NatalieG30, I'm sorry you are experiencing some issues, and this definitely could be the typical W30 adjustments your body will be making over the month. You're meals look mostly good to me, as long as each one is keeping you full for at least 4 hours. The only small piece of advice I have is making sure you have enough fat in Meal 2. The olive oil vinaigrette certainly counts, but if you are under-dressing the dish it may not be enough.
  9. ElizabethG

    Daily bathroom habits with less fruit

    Hi @1of3isme, fruit is wonderful, and you should keep eating it! The one point that W30 makes is that eating fruit on its own can lead to a spike in blood sugar, or even sugar cravings in many people. With that in mind, eating fruit as a part of a meal is great, and can add flavor and/or texture to your dish. For example, I love adding fruit to salads, and there are some delicious recipes out their that incorporate things like apples and pears to hashes. Only you will know for yourself how much of any kind of food is too much. I don't get sugar cravings from eating fruit on it's own, however, it's never a good snack idea for me because it doesn't solve my hunger the way protein and fat does. Good luck!
  10. ElizabethG

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi @lindzzeys, I also agree that breakfast could use a little changing. I would honestly stay away from the breakfast bake, and try to follow the template, especially trying to get more veggies in for thing in the morning. Also, remember breakfast can be anything, not just "typical" breakfast foods. If you are looking for something easy in the morning, pre-cooking and reheating things like frittatas are great.
  11. ElizabethG

    Pre/Post Workout meals

    @gbschneider1 and @Jennathrasher, as mentioned above, everyone's nutrition needs around working out are different, but I also work out after work and am eating dinner within an hour, in which case no post-workout meal in needed for me. On the other hand, since I'm usually working out 4-5 hours after lunch I can sometimes start getting a little hungry, and working out with a growling stomach isn't fun, so if needed, I'll have a few bites beforehand. It's really all about listening to your body, please don't force yourself to eat if you are feeling full, satisfied, and energized, but don't skip out on fueling your body either if it's truly what you need. Hope this helps!
  12. ElizabethG

    Good Quality Coffee Suggestions

    I would suggest buying one of those reusable k cups so that you really can use any coffee you want. The problem with already done k cups in my opinion is that none of them use the best coffee. Where do you live? My favorite coffees are always local. We have one local roaster here in DC, Compass Coffee who I absolutely love. If you are able to grind your own beans, I suggest trying them out, you can purchase from here: https://shop.compasscoffee.com/
  13. Hi @ALM21, unfortunately not, their is cane sugar in this product. You will need to stick with the original unsweetened version.
  14. ElizabethG

    Coffee with nutpods alone or part of meal?

    Hi @StaceyFisch, welcome! I'll let others chime in as well, but it is my understanding that Nutpods are not considered an extra fat, simply an alternative to milk in your coffee. Please continue to have your morning cup, and another one later in the day if needed. However, you may find that over these 30 days you may no longer need/want more coffee in the afternoon because you already have the energy you need to push through "nap time". One thing to ask yourself now is, "why am I having coffee"? I know for me, I definitely need my morning cup, but sometimes rely too heavily on caffeine in the afternoon because I'm too tired, or simply craving something else, or am bored. If any of these are the case for you too, W30 is a great time to evaluate and find solutions to the true causes of these symptoms. Too tired? Think about ways to get more or better quality sleep at night. Craving a sugary snack every day at 2? Maybe you are actually hungry and need to eat a larger lunch, or maybe you just need a few weeks to break a sugar habit. Does this make sense? And at the end of it all you still really need a caffeine boost, because we all do sometimes, please sit down and enjoy with a compliant alternative of your choice.
  15. ElizabethG

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    Hi @brandyontherun, I also used to drink my coffee with a little milk, but have found over time that it's not necessary because there are so many great alternatives out there! Any compliant almond milk is the easiest option, but if you want to spend a little more time and/or money, my favorites are: - Nutpods (any flavor) - Califia Farms has a similar product to Nutpods now. There's a Whole Foods near my office, so I now always have one of these on hand in our office break room. - Full fat coconut cream actually blended into the coffee (this is usually a weekend project when I have a few extra minutes) - Brewing the cinnamon directly with the coffee that way you get a more infused flavor As always though, make sure to read labels very carefully. Products in my town can have different ingredients from where you live.