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Second W30 starting on Wednesday 1/2!!


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Hi everyone, newbies and familiar faces!!

I did my first Whole 30 back in Sept/Oct, and was overall very happy with the experience!! It was challenging, but I made it the whole way through. I knew midway through that I would be doing it again, and tentatively set January as the time. So this is it...I'm starting on 1/2.

I'm mostly really looking forward to it, because I know how healthy it is, and how good I can feel.

I've had some pretty decent months since completing it. I was already 100% gluten free due to my thyroid nodules, and I already avoid legumes, and generally non-gluten grains. So dairy was my big re-intro, and I've pretty much figured out that I should avoid dairy for the most part. It seems to make my digestive system unhappy, as well as slow down my weight loss. I think I can handle small occasional amounts of grassfed butter, and maybe a bit of cheese here and there, but daily dairy is not for me.

I also reintro'd occasional paleo treats with dates, or small amounts of honey. I have to admit that this month, with all the holidays, they have become a little more frequent. And my good feelings have correspondingly lessened as well. Looking forward to being back on the straight and narrow where that is concerned.

This forum was so valuable to me during my first Whole30, and I look forward to being an active participant again. :)

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Hi Nutmegananne. I'm starting on Wednesday too. It will be my first Whole30.

I've been Primal since Sept, with "some" dairy. Well, "some" turns out to be quite a bit!

Plus, more and more lately I've had too many "lazy meals" where I will have, say, celery and cream cheese just to eat something (and to save the time of prep, cooking and clean up). But then I shortchange myself on meat and vegetables.

So I'm looking to see how/if dairy affects me, and really tighten things up as far as getting healthful variety and quantities of vegetables and meat.

Looking forward to it!


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