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What Next? What foods to integrate into a healthy diet?


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I successfully completed the Whole 30 about 10 days ago.  I loved it - what a transformation and what a great learning experience.  I have started bringing back a couple food groups, but I admit to being somewhat lost.  My breakfast (meal 1) has been built around eggs, avocado and fruit.  I've added some bread into that mix.  That's question #1 - what is the best bread to incorporate?  I've landed on a sprout bread right now, looking for the lowest sugar content - anybody have any suggestions on a healthy bread to incorporate?  Question #2 - what about Oatmeal?  The bulk of my diet is still very much Whole30, but feel that there are plenty of healthy options that would support a healthy transition diet - anybody have any good reading to suggest.  

Thanks for any suggestions!  Dawg

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Part of why we recommend doing reintroductions after your Whole30 is so you can use the information from that to help you determine what is and isn't worth it for you to have going forward. This is different for everyone, so what might be the best choice for you, might not be the best choice for someone else.

What I would recommend is reading up on the life after Whole30 information available online, or getting the book Food Freedom Forever if you want, and figuring out what your plan going forward will look like. I'd also strongly recommend that you pay attention to how you're feeling over time -- if you feel great at the end of Whole30, and then over time start feeling less great, that means something you're doing is not working for you, and that might be a time to go back to strict Whole30 for a while and re-evaluate which foods are worth it to you.

More life after Whole30 resources here:  





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