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Coconut Oil/Candida die off


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Hello! A few years ago I did a Whole30 and coconut oil was a really useful fat source at that time. Any time a meal was low on fat, a thumb size amount of coconut oil worked really well and kept me satiated.

Fast forward a few years to doing another Whole30 now, and I am not having the same response from CO. As soon as I have some, it puts me to sleep! I'm very tired and sometimes get a headache. Google says it's probably "die off", which makes sense because in between my two whole30's, I became a sugar addict and was eating 5 candy bars a day or more...

Has anyone experienced this? Do the die off symptoms go away eventually, going slow with the CO? Or should I avoid it completely and focus on the other fats?

I have also heard that this is like a "healing crisis", so while it may be uncomfortable, it's actually a good thing.

CO just worked so well for me before, and it's a convenient portable fat to have on hand when you need it.

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