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  1. Food advice for small kids

    Thanks! I do something similar but I add the peptides to milk.
  2. Food advice for small kids

  3. Food advice for small kids

    Hello, My guy will be 5 in July, and has always been a little guy. To illustrate, size 4 pants are still way to big for him. His energy is fine, everything else is fine. But his doctor has always been concerned about his weight and I refuse to give him pediasure. I do use the Whole 30 template as a guide, and thankfully he does eat veggies, lots of eggs, avocado, compliant bacon, olives, and coconut. He'll only eat a few pieces of meat on his plate though. Any suggestions? I feel like I've done everything possible to give him whole 30 foods. He's not crazy about potatoes, (he does love sweet potato fries.....) And he does eat plenty of regular SAD food at daycare during the week.
  4. Starchy Carbs Necessary?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help. I will eat within an hour of waking and focus on the meal template, getting enough veg and fat in.
  5. Starchy Carbs Necessary?

    As a matter of fact, yes, I do! I'm super tired in the morning when waking up, then my coffee helps....then after lunch I totally hit a wall and can't keep my eyes open, until I get home in the evening. Then when I get home from work I'm not as tired.
  6. Starchy Carbs Necessary?

    Thank you so much! I am literally doing everything in my power to not fall asleep at my desk today... I can increase the veg and fat, but will the eating within an hour of waking really help with energy? Guess it's a hard habit to break, but if that is where some of the magic happens with energy, I'm all for it!
  7. Starchy Carbs Necessary?

    I suspect a lot of tough love is going to follow as I am not following some guidelines.... Wake up at 6:00 and have a cup of black coffee, make breakfast to take with me to work. M1 at 8:30-3 eggs, 4 slices of complaint bacon, half an avocado if it's ripe! M2 at noon-2 cups of spinach on top of salmon patty, 1 tbs olive oil and vinegar M3 at 6:00-8 oz steak with 2 cups of steamed broccoli with some olive oil on top. Now, I was eating a ton of roasted veg (Brussels sprouts) with a generous amount of olive oil (after it's roasted) and I actually became addicted as it was sooooo good! I was having heaps of it with every meal, then I got a yeast overgrowth/infection and wondered if there was a correlation to the increase in Brussels sprouts. Or it could have been nuts as I went overboard on nuts recently so added nuts to my "no" list. Pretty sure I need to try adding more veg and fat, and eat an hour within waking
  8. Hello, I know I am not eating enough as I am either always hungry or fatigued. Definitely no tiger blood here. This article sums it up perfectly for me. I am also pre-diabetic, and starchy carbs and fruit usually make me feel horrible (foggy brained, irritable, blood sugar spike). Starchy carbs make me feel like crap but then eating on the lower carb spectrum also makes me feel like crap. Is it possible to do a whole30 without starchy carbs? Happy to post a typical day of eating, and if it is possible to do a whole30 without starchy carbs, I suspect I need to focus on getting more low starch veg and fat. Thanks!
  9. Hello! A few years ago I did a Whole30 and coconut oil was a really useful fat source at that time. Any time a meal was low on fat, a thumb size amount of coconut oil worked really well and kept me satiated. Fast forward a few years to doing another Whole30 now, and I am not having the same response from CO. As soon as I have some, it puts me to sleep! I'm very tired and sometimes get a headache. Google says it's probably "die off", which makes sense because in between my two whole30's, I became a sugar addict and was eating 5 candy bars a day or more... Has anyone experienced this? Do the die off symptoms go away eventually, going slow with the CO? Or should I avoid it completely and focus on the other fats? I have also heard that this is like a "healing crisis", so while it may be uncomfortable, it's actually a good thing. CO just worked so well for me before, and it's a convenient portable fat to have on hand when you need it.
  10. Day 6-Feel horrible! Need Support

    Ok, in looking at all the topics in this section and seeing how everyone is feeling miserable, that is not making this any easier. I am sooooo tempted to eat a little bit of sugar like dark chocolate or something and give me some relief. This sucks! I don't want to feel this way
  11. So I went from a 100% sugar/crap based diet to a whole 30, and have been feeling horrible since day 1. I have a foggy brain (I'm getting honked at on the road because decisions like left turns seems to be a huge task right now), am very irritable, but the most annoying thing is I am hideously bloated and have some diarrhea. I know this is probably just part of the process, but looking like I'm 6 months pregnant after being sugar free for almost a week is extremely frustrating. Is this normal? And if so, when can I expect the symptoms to subside? Really needing encouragement today.
  12. Hello, I apologize if this has been addressed before. Due to many years of bad eating choices (sugar addict), my a1c tested at 5.8 recently and was told I'm in the pre-diabetic range. In the past and on days where I was whole 30 compliant, I would eat half a sweet potato at dinner time with my protein and veggies. Given my recent news, is it still safe to eat half a sweet potato at night? If there's anybody who reversed their pre-diabetic situation, can you please share with me how you did it, or include a link to a previous thread where this might have been discussed before? From other online resources (keto), there was indication that one had to cut carbs severely to reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes, so just looking for whole 30ers who might have some experience in this issue as I think I do generally do better with some carbs like SPs. Thank you!
  13. Coconut Milk

    Does anybody use coconut milk as a regular fat source? If my avocado isn't ripe yet (annoying), coconut milk is an easy go-to for me and seems to fill me up more than the other fat sources. Sometimes though, it fills me up a little more than I'd like and I get a heavy feeling, especially if I drink it by itself. What do you all do with it, besides put it in your coffee or tea? Do you ever just drink it by itself?
  14. Coconut Milk Annoyance

    Ok thank you very much!
  15. Sorry if this seems trivial, but I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this issue with canned coconut milk and offer ways of fixing it. I love coconut milk in my coffee! I just find it troublesome when getting it from a can. I know it's better to get it from a can (Nature's Forest), right? So I open the can and get a scoop of the CM into my coffee. I put the can in the fridge. The remaining milk solidifies and gets super hard. When i go to get more of the CM later, I have to battle with the can to scoop it out and any liquid "pops" out, thus making a big mess. I've also tried opening a fresh can, using it, and putting the remaining milk in a glass Tupperware, to avoid the liquid exploding mess, but that seems like a lot of work because I'll probably use the remaining milk that day, and have to clean the Tupperware out, only to do the next thing next day. I know it sounds lame. I'm just looking for ways to simply if possible!