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  1. LindsayO

    Digestive Enzymes

    Can anyone recommend a compliant digestive enzymes supplement? I believe the Now brands is no longer recommended? I’m having a really hard time digesting fats, especially the fats that I use to cook food in like eggs or meat. I get so bloated after cooking with ghee or coconut oil. So hoping a digestive enzyme would help?
  2. I made 3 fried eggs in ghee ahead of time for meal 1, and threw it in a container to eat later, and also put some cooked bacon on top of the eggs in the same container. I think I used too much ghee to make the eggs and the fat from the bacon seeped into my eggs. I think I inadvertently had too much fat as a result. I just feel so yucky! I feel sooooo heavy, bloated, and needless to say have no hunger whatsoever. Is it possible for ghee and heavy saturated fats like bacon/grease to make you feel this uncomfortable? Has anyone else experienced this? Can some people not tolerate these fats very well? Perhaps next time I should just put a little ghee in the pan and try not to incorporate the bacon grease or skip the bacon and include a different fat like avocado? I swear, some days I feel like I don't add enough fat and I get hungry, then I have other days like this were I eat too much fat and feel horrible!
  3. LindsayO

    Walmart Frozen Meals

    Has anyone tried the Walmart Whole30 frozen meals? If so, are they good and which ones are the best? I'm hesitant try eat frozen meals as most of them usually taste bad, but I'm curious about the Whole 30 approved frozen meals!
  4. As much as I love coffee, it no longer agrees with me I have severe gut issues and coffee affects my gut and produces brain fog/bloating. I have leaky gut and bottom line is that drinking coffee is very unpredictable, sometimes it's fine but many times lately it just makes me sick. The problem is, that tea just doesn't do it for me! I've tried every tea, and the only tea that I somewhat like is green tea. But it doesn't give me the energy kick like coffee does, and it just doesn't compare to that good coffee feeling you get in the morning! I'm going to try and add MCT Oil to my green tea to see if that helps give me the energy kick I usually get with coffee. I'm also thinking about drinking bone broth in the morning as I know it will probably do wonders for my gut. But it's not as good as coffee.... Has anybody quit coffee and what did you use a substitute? Back when I tolerated coffee, it was a great part of my morning routine and felt so good. Yet I don't seem to have that experience with any other beverage...
  5. LindsayO


    This is super helpful. Thank you LadyShanny!
  6. LindsayO

    MCT Oil Powder

    Does anyone use the MCT Oil Powder by Perfect Keto? They have several flavors and also offer an unflavored version. I've used it before, and here's what I've noticed: -It helps give me an energy boost throughout the day and a certain kind of mental clarity -It keeps me full and takes the edge off of hunger -Since it fills me up, it messes with my Whole30 meal template as I really don't feel hungry until the afternoon, so I worry that it interferes with my goal of trying to have a healthy relationship with food -It also makes me feel bloated and MCT oil is known to cause digestive issues I guess I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons and see if/how it fits in with my Whole30/Food Freedom journey. I know MCT oil is mentioned in It Starts with Food, so technically it IS compliant? But it's probably not a good thing if it messes with or eliminates meal #1? Thoughts? Does anyone else use MCT Oil as part of their Whole30?
  7. LindsayO


    Hello! Okay so I'm trying to transition from a hardcore sugar addiction (like cupcakes for lunch) to a Whole30 and I know I have a severe candida/yeast overgrowth issue from obviously heavy sugar consumption. My problem is that many Whole30 foods cause bloating and vaginal itching, like nuts, undercooked/roasted cruciferous vegetables, and olives. I'm aware of raw veggies and nuts being disruptive to the gut, but I really enjoy olives and it's frustrating that some healthy Whole30 foods are off limits for me, at least for now. Can anyone share their experience and advice for doing Whole30 with candida? I've seen my doctor several times on the issue and she just tells me to quit sugar and I've taken many rounds of Diffulcan which helps only in the short term. Lastly, does anyone know if sweet potatoes are okay if I have candida? Many resources say that Candida thrives on sugar, which makes sense but that also potatoes turn into sugar too and therefore should be avoided if you have candida. I just worry that with some Whole30 foods being off limits for me, that as a result I won't be eating enough. Thanks!
  8. I find that coconut oil and butter really helps with satiety but I experience bloating as a result. I suspect I have candida and probably experience die off symptoms with coconut. I do not tolerate starchy carbs/fruit so I try to stay on the higher fat spectrum. It’s just that compared to the other fat sources, coconut really helps me with satiety. Anybody else experience unpleasant side effects of coconut? I wonder if I stay with the program and take a probiotic, that things will sort itself out with time?
  9. I was pre-diabetic a year ago and struggle with sugar addiction and I'm pretty sure I'm diabetic now. Should I avoid starch and fruit on my whole30? I feel like fruit definitely affects my blood sugar and potatoes usually make me feel lethargic and just lousy.
  10. Hello! I will search online for similar topics posted in the past, but I could use some tips on doing the Whole30 with severe insulin resistance (Pre-diabetic). Today is day 1 of my whole30 and I'm transitioning from eating cupcakes for lunch to the Whole30 plan.... I intend on following the rules/recommendations and know it will help, but are there any guidelines I can pay special attention to that can help with IR? Just looking for any specific guidelines that I can really focus on that will help with IR. Thanks! And while I know it will take time, I'm just looking for things I can focus on to start bringing relief (blood sugar normalization) somewhat soon....
  11. LindsayO

    Primal Kitchen Mayo

    Thank you! Hi
  12. LindsayO

    Primal Kitchen Mayo

    Hello! Does anyone use the Primal Kitchen Mayo for their meals? Do you like it? Also, what do you use mayo for in your meals? The only thing that comes to my mind is artichokes and a chicken salad. I’m thinking of using some mayo to add some fat to my meals. Thank you!
  13. LindsayO

    Dark Chocolate Cravings

    Thank you Sam and LadyShanny! Great suggestions here. I think it's a very good strategy to do something else when the cravings hit, instead of doing nothing (or giving in). So I will go for a walk, etc, or eat some olives and I think it's practical to expect the first few days to just kind of suck. I go to chocolate for comfort in times of stress. So it's about creating new stress relievers and being patient with myself during the transition....
  14. In preparing for my Whole30, I have given up most non-compliant whole30 foods. The only thing is I switched to dark chocolate for sugar cravings, and I'm having a hard time giving it up! In order to fully commit to the program and follow the guidelines, I just need some advice on what to do when the dark chocolate craving comes up.... If anyone has struggled with chocolate of any sort and was able to successfully give it up, what did you do? And what do you do in that moment where you think that "some chocolate would be really nice right now"? Thanks!
  15. LindsayO

    Food advice for small kids

    Thanks! I do something similar but I add the peptides to milk.