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  1. Hello! Can you please share your tips on how you keep avocados fresh? I rely on them as a good fat source. I will buy like 5 of them at a time when they are all hard, and then a couple days later they all seem to ripen on the same day and I like to eat one a day.... I have put them in the fridge to stay fresh longer but they get mushy and cold and I don't like the texture. Any tips for buying/storing avocados are greatly appreciated! I am trying to limit my grocery hauls to once a week.
  2. As much as I love coffee, it no longer agrees with me I have severe gut issues and coffee affects my gut and produces brain fog/bloating. I have leaky gut and bottom line is that drinking coffee is very unpredictable, sometimes it's fine but many times lately it just makes me sick. The problem is, that tea just doesn't do it for me! I've tried every tea, and the only tea that I somewhat like is green tea. But it doesn't give me the energy kick like coffee does, and it just doesn't compare to that good coffee feeling you get in the morning! I'm going to try and add MCT Oil to my green te
  3. This is super helpful. Thank you LadyShanny!
  4. Hello! Okay so I'm trying to transition from a hardcore sugar addiction (like cupcakes for lunch) to a Whole30 and I know I have a severe candida/yeast overgrowth issue from obviously heavy sugar consumption. My problem is that many Whole30 foods cause bloating and vaginal itching, like nuts, undercooked/roasted cruciferous vegetables, and olives. I'm aware of raw veggies and nuts being disruptive to the gut, but I really enjoy olives and it's frustrating that some healthy Whole30 foods are off limits for me, at least for now. Can anyone share their experience and advice for doing Wh