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True Fare food delivery: opinions...?


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Noob here,  getting ready to Whole 30 very soon.

I have been reading about the food service True Fare (TF) which delivers W30 compliant meals.  I am thinking of going this route for the first 30 days for many reasons.  Sure, it is not cheap, but with my work schedule (I am an architect) I do not have the time to research and scour the grocery isles to self-prepare my own meal.  I love to cook and in addition to my own recipes I have participated in Blue Apron (BA)and Hello Fresh (HF.)  Wonderful and flavourful meals and they are and equally fun to make. 

I cannot afford to do the TF as my meal replacements for extended  participation beyond 30 days, but I see it as the best way for me to jump start this regime.  I would love it if I had time to technically grocery shop, make my own condiments and accessories in order to prepare a more healthy food lifestyle.  It is a shame that food-on-the-go is so additive laden.

Any opinions on True Fare or any other compliant food delivery services?  I know that BA offers limited W30 meals, but if it is only a few options from them then I am not interested.




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