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Texas Road House


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1 hour ago, SarSal said:

I’m meeting up with my family at Texas Road House for dinner tonight. I’m wondering if anyone has tried whole30 there & have any recommendations on what to eat/how to order. Please and thank you for any help!!!

While this is a great question, you would need to rely on your own questions and research on the actual restaurant you're going to in your own region for this information.  Even if someone has been, they may not have asked all the questions, they may be in a region where things are prepped differently etc.  

The recommendation is to look online at the menu if it's available, make a base plan, then call the restaurant ahead of time and ask about cooking oils, sauces, seasonings and how much you can modify menu items.  Then when you get to the restaurant and order, ask again.

You can google 'whole30 guide to dining out' and that will give you a framework of questions to ask and things to look out for.


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