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Round 1 failed on 4th week


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Hi everyone! I am on my first round and unfortunately, our weekend getaway had me cheating on my Whole30. Why did I post this even if I didn't complete it? Because I am restarting but want to share my experience for the past strictly compliant weeks. 

I have been struggling with back pains and it worsened when I gave birth to my baby last 2016. I blamed it on the epidural but I know deep inside that it is also due to my post baby weight that I was never able to shed. I also have food allergy and seasonal allergy. When I started my Whole30 last February 5, I weighed 164 lbs and I am 5ft. 4 in. 

The first week was a struggle because I am addicted to carbs, chips and sugar. I was cranky and my headaches are quite unbearable. I also felt hungry and almost on the verge of slipping from my commitment. Second week was a bit easier and headaches are minimal to non-existent. But the best thing is by the middle of my 2nd week, I noticed that I don't wake up in the morning with very sore back. This motivated me more! 3rd week was a breeze, until the 4th week that ended this weekend with a major cheat - that's why I am restarting :D 

Though I didn't complete the Whole30, I weighed myself and to my surprise, I was at 152 lbs. I already knew that I am losing weight as my pants and shirt were lose but I have to know where I am at to further motivate me to restart. I am so happy now as I know that my body is still capable of losing all the post partum weight, if only I change my attitude with food. And more importantly, I am awakened to a new lifestyle that will enable me to be healthy and take control of my food choices. I also learned to be wary of the things that I buy in the grocery. Furthermore, I have now a firm resolve to take care of myself so I can take better care of the people I love. 

Thank you Whole30 for this awakening! 

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7 hours ago, Newsland33 said:

You're pain is reduced and you've lost a nice amount of weight. I wouldn't call that a failure at all. 

Congrats for the good start - and for having the strength to jump back on the Whole 30 wagon.

Good luck!


Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words. And yeah, I am so overjoyed with the results! 

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