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First Timer... but old hat to gluten/dairy/corn/soy free


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hi all,

I've been lurking in the shadows here for some time now... getting answers to the millions of questions I have and learning about all of the different journeys to be had.

I won't go into details, but needless to say that I have a lot of illnesses that could *potentially* be fixed... or at least made better by a healthier diet. I've been gluten/dairy/corn/soy free for years now... only it hasn't seemed to help. lately, I've been on a major cheating binge... not so much the gluten... I'm still pretty strict with that... only 'allowing' for minimal amounts... like what you would find in broth, etc. I'm terrible with dairy... I have this love for CHEESE... corn, well I love it too... I've just been dealing with the symptoms... ignoring what I know all of that yuck is doing to my body. Because my symptoms didn't really get better, I've gotten into the mindset of "well, it didn't help, so why bother trying to eat healthily... why not just eat what I LIKE". Well, that's gotten me nowhere, I know it hasn't... and honestly, I'm not getting the same enjoyment from food that I always did in the past.

So here and now, I'm OFFICIALLY making my commitment to start my first Whole30 on April 8th (we're out of town until the 5th and I want *some* time to prep lol). I've told lots of my friends... but I've done this before and fallen off the wagon. This time I'm determined... I've tried SO MANY things... if Whole30 doesn't work, I don't know what will!

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