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Starting summer right! June W30


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Day 1: breakfast 

2 hard boiled eggs

handful of almonds/cashews/shredded coconut with a few raisins mixed in

handful of baby carrots

handful of spinach and sweet peppers

full glass of water

.... hoping I’m on the right track!!

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Day 1: Lunch

Sams choice apple chicken sausage

Carrots and guacamole 

Celery with almond butter

sweet bell peppers

Handful of cashews, almonds, coconut and raisins

On my 4th cup of water

notes—feeling tired & have a slight headache, but thinking it may be because I’m cutting out caffeine

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Day 1: dinner

3 eggs, scrambled with cinnamon and salt


notes: not the best dinner but I have a killer headache & considered skipping it all together to just go to bed, so I’ll consider it a win! 

had bad headache, bloating, and a bad flash of heat today... very abnormal but I think lack of sugar & caffeine is the headache issue, wondering if my blood sugar was low when I felt really hot, and the bloating and stomach ache is probably due to eating a few too many nuts. 

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Day 2: breakfast 

3 hard boiled eggs

Carrots with almond butter

two sips of a naked fruit drink before remembering fruit juice is a no... but it was barely any & technically the ingredients are compliant so I’m not worried about it

full cup of water

notes: STILL have a headache. hoping that passes soon!

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Day 2: dinner

kale salad with sweet potatoes, 3 hard boiled eggs, and pomegranate dressing 

lemon LaCroix 

notes: took Excedrin Migraine due to migraine that lasted over 24 hours. feeling hungry (I think) after dinner.... prob needed more fat and food in general. 

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Day 3: breakfast 

I ended up out getting groceries & failing a little here... had a larabar and almond milk around 10:30 but it was more a snack than a meal obviously. 

Day 3: lunch

sausage hash brown casserole (potatoes, onions, peppers, sausage, eggs, almond milk)

Starbucks cold brew with almond milk—sipping through this afternoon while I do homework

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Day 4: breakfast 

sausage hash brown bake

pomegranate LaCroix 

notes: probably should’ve eaten more. Hungry!

had CRAZY vivid dreams last night

feeling achy & low on energy, with a very slight headache 

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Day 7: breakfast

sausage hash brown bake

cold brew with hazelnut nutpods

notes: for the first time in a week, I still had energy at 10pm! And I was able to get up at 6:45 with no problem. WOOHOO!

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Day 7: dinner

meatballs & tomato sauce over zucchini and squash noodles

Day 8: breakast

scrambled eggs w almond milk

celery (fridge lost cooling so all my other veggies got thrown out!)

Handful of almonds


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Day 9: lunch


Day 9: dinner

3 lettuce wrap chicken tacos 

lacroix/kombucha mocktail

notes: haven’t felt hungry today & it’s just been a rough one in terms of meals. tomorrow is another day & I’m planning my meals in advance for tomorrow so I can do better!

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