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Whole30 for a failed diet-addict like Me


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I'm gearing up for my first (successful) Whole30.

I've never been able to successfully stick to a "diet" or any dietary change for that matter. I once tried to give up sugar and made it only about 12 days- and I was white-knuckling it the whole time!

I've also NEVER consistently cooked meals for myself. I've often had high hopes at the grocery store, only to throw out the rotten produce a week later :/

Well, I'm happy to say that I've cooked a meal for myself yesterday and today!! I normally eat, like, several slices of bread, baked goods, and the better part of a box of cereal in one day. So cooking a real, Whole30 meal for myself is kinda a big deal, and I'm super excited and proud!! 

I'm a little scared to officially start my Whole30 (I've tried and failed miserably in the past) but I'm thinking maybe June 25th after all my house guests leave.

.....and in the interim, I'll keep cooking :D


--- 33 year old female, single, no kids, splitting my time between NYC and NOLA ---

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