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Started 7/1 as a Family


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I've been lurking for a while. We started Whole30 on 7/1.

My teenager thinks she's sensitive to dairy so it seemed like a good opportunity to take all of us back to basics. I had expected my husband not to join in, but he surprised me. He's really embraced it.

Today is day 5 and we're all feeling really good. Prior to this, our diets were relatively healthy. We all eat home-prepared meals approximately 97% of the time.

I teach fitness classes and definitely feel it when I'm not eating well. 

My only "complaint" so far is that it's a lot of food at each meal. I have been carb cycling since March and was used to eating 5, protein-rich mini-meals. 

I'm really excited to see how this helps my daughter.

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I'm new to the forums but have browsed for a few compliance questions, etc. 

My family also started on July 1. My husband hasn't read the books and is basically just using the food I buy as a diet. My 7 year old is really struggling with friends at her summer Day Camp getting treats she can't have, but she really wants to make it. She has had some GI issues and we're hoping to identify what may be the cause. 

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