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itsme -k- Day 6 -


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I am a yoga teacher. 

I am 48. 

I am healthier than I have ever been in my whole life and here I am doing a Whole30. 


I was doing amazing with diet, exercise and was busy trying out new foods, combos of foods, eliminating some foods etc...

When, in February of this year I lost my job. 

I kept up my routine and felt fit and in control of my habits until - I got a new job, started the new job and had to move. 

Then the wheels of my Yoga practice, my diet and sugar control fell off. 

I hadn't been eating grains, bread, pasta, beans, sugar of any kind, limited sugar substitutes, limited dairy and then  - it started with those Stevia based sodas. I started eating donuts. Cake when it was in the new office. I stopped drinking my water. And then I started eating sugar coated snacks, more carbs less protein. 

I went through a bad move. Wrecked my car. And bashed up my leg. I had a lot of leg pain. And I ramped up sugar. I was hitting the vending at work after hours and walking around snacking on the candy at people's desks like a bad kid. 

And I gained 15 lbs in 4 weeks. I kid you not. 

So - I am doing this because I needed a no excuses way to reset myself. I need to delete the sugar from my body and get back to a level of non-inflammatory health. 


And more than anything - I need to feel in control of myself in a positive way. And i enjoy that aspect of this program. I had never considered the level of detail that this program goes into. And on my journey to becoming a better yogi and teacher, I know one of the things I have to do is eventually become a vegetarian...my path to that has to be infused with health and intention. This helps me get there. 


Sat Nam- 



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Day 17 - its easier and harder

I managed to make it through a whole extra long weekend with family. And I had to walk away from several sweet desserts and ask to cook my own food which was rather insulting to my father who takes pride in making good meals. But - I made it. 


I have adopted a gut it out approach even if it means I white knuckle through gatherings or a whole ride on the highway home which is like running the gauntlet. 

I am on day 17

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Day 23 starting out

I am don't feel well at all. 

I know I am not eating enough calories to sustain me. 

I don't have much of an appetite. 

I ate some non compliant stuff over the weekend and didn't reset still questioning my choice there

And am lazy in many ways

and my allergies are kicking in. 

I am tired

and feel low and my gut is a hot mess. 

I have 1 more week to go and I don't feel better today i feel worse and

Struggling not to step on the scale because I am also feeling bloated



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