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MUCH better than I thought!


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A couple of days ago I discovered these forums, at day 27 or 28 of my first Whole30.  (I knew you all were here, but just hadn't felt like I needed the help until a few days ago.)  I wrote in feeling frustrated, not seeing ANY difference in the mirror after completing nearly the entire program, and just trying to figure out where things had gone wrong.  My husband is doing it with me too, and he lost a ton of weight and is seeing a lot more non scale victories than I am.

Today is day 30 and because of a bunch of medical appointments today, my husband and I weighed in this morning instead of tomorrow.  We figured, we were going to find out our weight at the doctor anyway - may as well do it at home and take some other measurements too.

I lost 17.2 lbs!

Between us, we lost 45 lbs.  So I guess what was happening is that I didn't see as much change in myself compared to my husband, and thought I hadn't changed at all either.  I didn't go down a dress size or anything but I think that must be coming soon!

We're excited about reintroductions and seeing how different foods impact our systems, but once that's done, we're planning on mostly sticking to Whole30 eating with allowances for a couple of meals each week.  We've done really well but we still have a LOOOONG way to go.  :)

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