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  1. Clearly I stopped posting my daily log, but wanted to close out the thread by saying that my Whole30 was successful. Today was my first day post Whole30 and I'm trying to keep some of my good habits so I turned down candy offered to me in the office and didn't go into the Krispy Kreme that smelled super good. I've mainly eaten Whole30-compliant today, except a specialty coffee (milk and sugar) and a single Ferrero Rocher (I received a large box of them during the month and put them away for today, lol). Results: Resting Heartrate: 75 -> 68 Weight: Lost 5lbs Inch
  2. Hi February Whole 30-ers! This thread hasn't been super active, but I hope you all have had a lot of success on your Whole30! I can hardly believe I'm already on Day 29. My husband and I went shopping yesterday for groceries and I kept talking about how we could buy non-compliant foods since we can start eating them during this week. Then as we checked out my husband pointed out that we didn't actually buy anything non-compliant, lol. I'm actually not craving anything noncompliant as of right now, but I do plan to get the Iced Coffee Rose from Philz on Wednesday when I'm in the office, and I
  3. Day 16 - Feb 15 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: Leftover steak, carrots and celery with guacamole, apple slices with cinnamon almond butter Snack: none Dinner: Leftover Thai Green Curry (yikes, this was old, but still tasted fine. Curry saves pretty well) Snack: Orange slices and a mango (an unripe mango, unfortunately. Most of it was inedible) Exercise: none How am I feeling: My stomach was a bit messed up by the end of the day. I think the old curry may have been to blame.
  4. Halfway through! NSVs include increased focus and lower resting heart rate. Day 15 - Feb 14 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: diced onions and sausages with fried egg Snack: orange slices Dinner: steak with béarnaise sauce, potato wedges, and roasted broccoli Snack: banana slices with cashew butter and applesauce Exercise: none How am I feeling: Good. I actually didn't miss the typical Valentine's Day chocolates as much as I anticipated.
  5. Happy Valentine's Day to all! Hope everyone is having a relatively easy time avoiding the sweets that normally go with this holiday. I went to the grocery store yesterday and definitely stared longingly at the display of cupcake bouquets (the ones they make look like a bouquet of flowers) and chocolate-covered strawberries. My husband and I are going to make ourselves two nice steaks for dinner tonight. Normally we'd go out to a fancy pre-fixe dinner, so this will be much cheaper and better for us, lol. Does anyone else have any good plans?
  6. Had a relatively busy weekend and totally forgot to update these. Since I don't write down my meals anywhere else, I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff. Day 12 - Feb 11 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: diced peppers and onions with 2 fried eggs Snack: Goya frozen baked plantains . These are delicious - my husband actually accused me of them being sugared, lol. You have to be careful to get the ones I linked, because the ones called "ripe plantains," which are already cut into bite-sized pieces, are pre-fried in soybean oil Dinner: Seafood - my husband and I we
  7. Day 11 - Feb 10 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: hotdogs with mustard; carrots and celery with guacamole Snack: Orange slices Dinner: Shakshuka Snack: Orange slices Exercise: afternoon walk with my dog (approximately a mile, very easy pace); 20 minutes cycle ride (indoor bike, relatively easy pace) How am I feeling: Good. I'm glad I'm finally starting to get some movement into my day. I'm sure my dog is glad too
  8. Day 10 - Feb 9 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: sausage Snack: Orange slices Dinner: Thai green curry with cauliflower rice Snack: applesauce, mango Exercise: afternoon walk with my dog (approximately a mile, very easy pace) How am I feeling: Good. Can't believe I'm 1/3 way through now. Cravings are less acute than the early days but I'm definitely craving wine and candy. During my first Whole30, this was around the point where I dreamt I was eating noncompliant foods all of the time and I imagine this is going to happen again, lol. Last night I was
  9. Day 9 - Feb 8 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: diced onion and peppers and sausage Snack: Applesauce Dinner: Hot wings and sweet potato fries (We've been having this a lot, but it's such a simple meal and my husband and I were working our way through a Costco bundle of wing sections, lol) Snack: none Exercise: none (really need to start making myself do this) How am I feeling: Great!
  10. Good luck on your job interview! We are having a curry tonight, which I'm fairly excited about
  11. Had a fairly busy day yesterday - someone scheduled a meeting during lunch so my lunch was fairly late, and then I also had a virtual game night in the evening. Thankfully, I didn't have any headaches. Day 8 - Feb 7 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: diced onion and peppers with two fried eggs Dinner: leftover spaghetti squash and an orange Snack: apple slices with almond butter, Applesauce Exercise: none How am I feeling: Great! Finally a day without headaches
  12. @Jim4884 Nope, not me! Just a super common name. @Rebecca001 I didn't realize there was a rule against food tracking, but I can see why there is one (especially since a goal of Whole30 is reset your relationship with food). I try to limit my snacks to prevent binging on compliant foods, so three plated meals and one small afternoon and evening snack each day. I plate and prepare everything in the kitchen and don't eat until I've sat down. At least that's the goal, lol. I bought some squeeze applesauce that has been a bit of a food without breaks for me, so I won't be getting tho
  13. First week down! my Sunday was a bit weird food-wise. I go to a club every Sunday morning at a coffee shop and it normally interferes with my eating schedule because it starts at 10 am, and can run until 1 or 2 pm sometimes (it's really casual so people come and go). I ate before going, and then went to the grocery store on the way home, meaning I didn't get home until around 2:30, so lunch was a bit of a frenzy Day 7 - Feb 6 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: Sausage, a handful of grapes, and a lot of applesauce (too much. Probably not going to buy the little squeeze
  14. Ugh, yesterday was punctuated by a massive headache midday, about an hour after lunch. I'm going to start a normal allergy medicine to see if that helps because I don't normally suffer from this many headaches and didn't have this issue with my previous Whole30s (but I do tend to have headaches when it's allergy season) Day 6 - Feb 5 Breakfast: Shakshuka and Coffee Lunch: Salad bowl at Cava Dinner: Hot wings (this time with a garlic lemon hot sauce) with sweet potato fries and mayo dip Snack: Apple slices with cinnamon almond butter Exercise: None today
  15. Finally had a day without snacks yesterday! Although I did have an evening decaf coffee with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, so that may be worse (since it basically mimicked hot cocoa or a mocha) Day 5 - Feb 4 Breakfast: Eggs and Coffee Lunch: Diced pepper, onion and sausage sautéed together with two fried eggs Dinner: Baked Salmon with broccoli Drink: Decaf espresso with unsweetened chocolate almond milk Exercise: None today How am I feeling: Fairly normal today