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Day 14 - symptoms worsening, tempted to quit


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I am on day 14 of my second round of whole30 and am not having any physical success. I know I'm only halfway through but I don't remember being in so much discomfort last round. I am having severe stomach pains each day and especially night, fatigued, bloating, and burping/gurgling. I've had some stomach issues in general and since I started this round it's only getting worse. Aside from sugar control issues and some weeks being completely junk food based, I overall am used to eating meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. My body wasn't this shocked last whole30 round. 


I don't want to continue if my stomach symptoms are only getting worse, but also really want to do a reintroduction. If I did "quit", it would be to introduce healthy foods while being whole30 based and not just to junk food. 


Here's some examples of what I've been eating 

(each a separate meal eaten on a separate day, allergic to avocado and eggs) 



Cubed sweet potato (salt, pepper, olive oil) with bacon 

Smoothie - almond milk, 1 T cashew butter, 2 T hemp seeds, spinach, banana 

Banana with blueberries with chopped cashews topped with cashew or almond butter 



Salad - slivered almonds, whole30 ranch, blueberries 

Chicken, butternut squash, hot sauce  

Hot dog meat with salad 




Sausage with roasted brussels sprouts 

Chicken tenders (all compliant) 

Hot dog meat with a side salad and sweet potato "fries" 

Chicken Caesar Twice Baked potato 

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