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Day 3...so far so good


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OMG!  I think I am having the opposite effect of everyone else...I am gluten intolerant and I am doing this program because I assume I have inadvertently been glutening myself.  I weight has been skyrocketing, I am so bloated, my joints are agonizing so I need to "start new".  Day 1 was fine, only a little sugar craving. Day 2, i went between exhausted to crazy energy. This morning...almost no pain in my joints!!! I actually got out of bed without looking like I was 90.  My mood is decent (usually im a crazed lunatic) and I am focused (usually total brain fog) and I feel like cleaning my house!  I definately feel like I am a little less bloated (not completely gone, but less).  I actually like my coffee black now (usually milk and a touch of sugar so it isn't a drastic change.) BUT, usually after my coffee i am more tired than before, not these last two days!

Thank you Whole30...right now I want to shoot for Whole60---we'll see :)

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