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First Timer Whole 30


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Day 1 was a breeze

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs & 4 strawberries

Lunch: Chicken with franks red hot over arugula with carrots, bell peppers and tessemae's caesar

Snack: Bubbly strawberry water, roasted pumpkin seeds & dried apples

Dinner: Zoodles with marinara and meatballs

Day 2 I woke up with clogged ears and feeling foggy. Is it too early for the sugar demon? 

Meals have been going great and no cravings

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and avo

Lunch: Same chicken salad as yesterday

I did add a few plantains and guac to satisfy my hunger. I have an emergency rx bar in my purse. Drinking some blueberry green tea and lots of water. Plan on taking a lavendar/seaweed/ epsom salt bath later to get rid of what seems to be fogginess and congestion. But, hoping water intake, time and some eucalyptus will help to get rid of.

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Day 3 feeling way better than Day 2!

To wrap up day 2, dinner was a chicken, broccoli casserole with green chiles and cauliflower rice. Topped with a yummy coconut milk/nutritional yeast sauce.

Day 3 so far has been two hard boiled eggs and tomoatoes with guacamole. I also have some collagen peptides in my coffee with some vanilla nutpod creamer.

NO CRAVINGS! And I am feeling great!! :)

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