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Post W30 and learning a LOT

Swamp Yankee

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I did really well on the Whole30 I did for October.  Felt good, and started getting back into my exercise routine as I had to let my personal trainer go, too expensive with my other commitments, but I am in touch with her and am making the gym a habit, 4 days per week is my goal.

I learned this weekend that bread is not my friend.  I am not gluten intolerant or anything but the toast with breakfast and the sandwich just make me gag the rest of the day.  Which is too bad as I LOVE poached egg on toast.  Not enough to pay for it all day long.

The 1/2 and 1/2 in the coffee went smoothly but I think that would make me crave sugar and lattes and put me on a slippery slope going forward, that will be a once in a while thing.

Still enjoying apples and oranges and cooking with fruits and vegetables.  I love squash and plan to make a butternut squash and potato gratin with ghee and sage.  easy and the leftovers are great. 

Thanksgiving will be small this year, we are at home, most of my siblings end up at their inlaws or hosting the college crowds, my brother may have 5+ from his son's school since they have time and money issues getting back and forth to the Midwest.  My SIL loves it and the guys are great she says. 

I will have pie, but probably that is it from the list, probably not stuffing, but everything else will be fine. 

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Thanksgiving was great, I felt in control and happy with my choices.  By Saturday, I knew I had consumed too much bread and started to delete that from the diet.  Today I am feeling better and finished off the butternut squash with scrambled eggs, tomorrow the turnip and carrot, one of my favorite combinations.

Back at the gym, working out with the weights and back on the treadmill, 30 minute intervals are going pretty well.  I do have to have at least two eggs on these days though, otherwise I am starving by 10:30. 

Still using the 1/2 and 1/2 in coffee occasionally, but no sugar.  I made pea soup for the family but probably won't have any, the split peas may be too much at the moment.  It smells great though. 

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