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Starting December 26


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I've started (and failed to finish) Whole 30 a few different times since my first go-round in 2015. That was when my addiction to alcohol helped me rationalize Whole 30 with exceptions (which, DUH, isn't a Whole 30!) I would start with a bang and then after a few days decided it was going to be Whole 30 plus booze on weekends. Whole 30 plus a packet of stevia with my coffee. Whole 30 plus diet coke. All those plusses made me fail to complete a Whole 30 despite trying several rounds. 

This time around, I am a new me. I have been sober for 90 days as of today and have been working on weaning out the artificial sweeteners and processed foods, so I'll be ready to go the day after Christmas! Right now I am basically doing ALMOST Whole 30 while I am using up non-compliant processed meats (bacon with sugar, summer sausage, etc) and the last bits of diet sodas. As I run out of ingredients, I am replacing them with Whole 30 ones. Last week, I ran out of heavy cream for my coffee, so I ordered some Nut Pods. The past 3 days, I have had my coffee without any type of sweetener. Just Nut Pods or coconut milk. I just ordered Coconut Aminos and bought a few cases of sparkling water instead of Coke Zeros. 

Now that I am sober and no longer smoke, I feel like the benefits from Whole 30 will be amazing for me! I cannot WAIT to actually get through a round and continue feeling better and better!

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