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Diabetes Tests Question

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So I had a blood test before Christmas to check my liver & kidney functions and so on. Got the results back today and, while my functions are all fine, my glucose levels were a little high. Nothing massive, just a little abnormal.

I'm being sent for an oral glucose tolerance test to ascertain whether or not I have diabetes and, if not, whether I have "pre-diabetes" (whatever that is...)

Question: If I'm doing the W30 when I go for my test, will the results come back negative due to the fact I'm not eating sugar of pretty much any variety?

I have read all sorts of things about W30 and diabetes and how great it is for regulating blood sugar and the fantastic results diabetics get from it, but that isn't really any good for my test as I would like to know properly whether or not I have it and not give a false negative due to my current angelic eating habits. If I do have it and can control it with W30 then awesome, but it is important to accurately know.

I can leave the test until after I finish my W30 so long as I go within the next 6-8 weeks, but obviously I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later, just for my sanity as much as anything!

Can anyone help? My thought is to leave it til Feb but Feb seems like forever away... :unsure:


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What you normally eat doesn't affect the test. Anyway you have to fast before it. My friend had it done. They actually give you glucose to drink and then take blood tests after that. There's a lot of info about it here http://www.diabetes.co.uk/oral-glucose-tolerance-test.html.

So doing the W30 is not going to impact on the test but drinking that much glucose is obviously going to impact the W30. Good luck whenever you decide to have it,

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