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2nd Round!


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I am going to do my second Whole 30 in January.  I am oddly excited to do it. I had wonderful results.  Lost some weight, week 2.5 started to sleep better coworkers commented how I glowed toward the end. I was doing good then December happened.  I am a type 2 diabetic.  My A1C in the beginning of December was 5.4! Direct result of September.  I was also in the midst of buying a home in September.  I think my body enjoying the food I was putting in helped my stress level. I don't know how I would have done it otherwise. 

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55 minutes ago, thedistractedlearner said:

Hi MellyDear!

I know this has been awhile but how did the second round go for you?

She hasn't visited the forum since December,  she may not see notifications for this thread at all, but one way to increase the chances of someone seeing a post is to tag them using the @ symbol, followed by their username (no space between them) -- you should get a list of options, click on the person you're tagging. So, @MellyDear to tag her. 

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