First Day Down


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Hello Everyone, 


I started my Whole30 today, and so far I have made it through the first day with only a little pain. I finally got the push to start this after I saw what I weighed on New Year's Day. I was shocked how far I had let my health get out of hand, and knew I had to stop making excuses. Luckily for me, my roommate and best friend is helping me with this program, since he has done this already. I have no discipline, so I am hoping that this program will give me the tough love that I need. 


I can already tell that my biggest issues are going to be alcohol and popcorn (as well as my parents wanting to go out to eat when they visit). I know this is going to be brutal, but I am excited to grind it out. 


Thanks and Have a Great Day!

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Good job, keep it up! The only advice I have re: the wine and popcorn is to find something, ANYTHING, that you can substitute in the moments you're craving one of the two. I got really used to having a glass of wine after work or while watching a movie. Now I drink super flavorful hot tea (apple cinnamon gives me a bit of a similar "heat" that alcohol does, I find). The tea helps me relax much the same way wine did. If you're craving popcorn you probably just want to snack in general, so snack on something Whole30 approved if you must. :) Salted almonds, veggies, something else crunchy. Incorporate either a fat or a protein into your snack and it'll take the edge off your hunger and cravings. Good luck!

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